Ronaldo Extending His Skills to the Wellness App Biz

Portuguese soccer playing legend Cristiano Ronaldo has unveiled the new Erakulis App that could be a game changer for your fitness, nutrition, and mental balance.

The 39-year-old footballer, who is consistently in great shape and sports year-round abs, is an athlete that is able to cope with both mental and physical pressures. So, who better to learn from the five-time Ballon d’Or winner.

“I wanna share something with you,” said Ronaldo in an X post dated March 13, 2024. “Do you wonder how I keep my life in balance, with all the challenge(s) I have? Well, the secret is out. I have been working on something special to help you achieve best version, by following a balanced lifestyle. Erakulis is (an) all-in-one wellness app that brings together everything I believe in: fitness, nutrition, and mental balance.”

Cristiano Ronaldo is Sharing the ‘Secret’ to His Success With the Erakulis App

The Erakulis App initial pre-launch website details that the footballing icon’s ace app will not only personalize fitness plans on your behalf, but it will also provide essential feedback after the workout. You will be able to customize training sessions to suit your own needs, and fuel yourself appropriately with tailored nutrition plans. The app will also ask questions that will allow it to unlock your individual fitness and mental balance plans. For those who want to push themselves, Erakulis will also offer challenges that you can conquer in order to go further. Additionally, there will be an option to book appointments with qualified professionals so that you can be supported with real-life guidance to compliment the AI wizardry.

According to the company website, the Erakulis app will officially launch on April 3, 2024. Early birds can score 50% off until that date by signing up as an “Erakulis Founder.” After that, there will be a monthly or yearly subscription plan.

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