Reach Your Goals With These 5 Tips From Kyle Fuller

Kyle Fuller is on a mission to inspire others thanks to the important life lessons he’s learned from an impressive background in sports while surviving life’s obstacles, becoming a viral sensation in the process. The athlete-turned-motivational speaker uses social media to provide positive affirmations, motivates others to be comfortable in their own skin and has gained over 1 million followers across TikTok and Instagram in less than a year. This being the case, we couldn’t resist asking him to share his positivity with M&F, too.

As a star student, Fuller excelled at Rancho Verde High School in Moreno Valley, California, picking up All-State and Conference MVP as a senior. In 2010, ESPN described him as “one of the more prolific scorers out west.” But unfortunately, his life was turned upside-down when, at the age of 20, he faced the sudden loss of his father, a non-smoker, due to lung cancer. Kyle Fuller, 32, explains that he was thrust into manhood and took on the responsibility of mentoring his younger brother, Khalil, while at the same time trying to make a name for himself at Vanderbilt, a DI university.

Still, the sacrifices that the 6’ 2” athlete made both on the court and in providing for his family served to lay a foundation for the advice he posts to avid followers today. Fuller primarily records raw motivational advice, guidance, tips, and tricks to navigate life’s unexpected challenges, often spoken to camera to give the impression that he is talking directly to the viewer. And, while he continued his brilliant basketball career, notably including playing for the Peruvian National team, the big man says that you don’t need to be a star athlete to find positivity and become the best possible version of yourself. From tips around feeling confident to talking up people’s strengths, Fuller is making positive connections on the world wide web.

Here, the main man of motivations provides a twist on some important tips for building and maintaining progress, no matter your goal.

Just Show Up

“Many times, the hardest battle is just getting to the gym or starting that important lifestyle change,” says Fuller. “You have to break through the excuses of being tired, or maybe it’s raining outside, or you worked late, but by making a change and continuing to show up, you are already winning.”

Know Your ‘Why’

“Just exactly why are you working hard, or training, or studying, or counting your calories and macros in the first place?,” asks Fuller. “Identify and never forget why you started upon this journey, and what your goals are, because confirming and understanding the ‘Why’ will keep you on track when it comes to reaching your goals.”

Embrace Your Lane

“Not all of us are the ‘Go hard or go home type,” explains Fuller. “Sometimes when we see other people moving at a certain pace, we compare ourselves to them and get discouraged because it seems like they are on a different frequency and that can be off-putting. Instead, make sure that the focus is on your own progress, moving at your own pace. Remember the Roosevelt quote: “Comparison is the thief of joy?” But remember that comparison can also be the thief of progress!”

Discipline is More Reliable than Motivation

“Motivation is a feeling, and some days we just aren’t motivated to go to the gym,” says Fuller. “I’ve been a professional basketball player for 8 years now, and I don’t wake up every morning wanting to go to practice. But when you are disciplined, you’ll do what you said you were going to do, just like how you started out with your ‘Why’. It doesn’t matter how you feel, what type of day you had, or even what party you are being asked to go to. When you are disciplined you make a promise to yourself and you keep that promise alive. Don’t ask yourself if you feel motivated, instead tell yourself that you are disciplined instead.”

Last But Not Least: Love Yourself

“Many people go to the gym aimlessly, thinking that it us a cure all, when in fact it isn’t,” explains Fuller. When you truly love who you are, this is when you become unstoppable! The gym is just one resource to improve your relationship with mental and physical health. Your body’s shape may change through training, but who you are inside will remain the same no matter what. Love who you are, and the rest will follow in a more positive way!”

Fuller’s teachings are on point. Science has shown that goal setting, and the power of positive thinking will not only make you more likely to achieve your goals, but it can also add years to you your life!

For more positive messages and motivational mantra from Kyle Fuller, follow him on Instagram and TikTok!

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