Mark Wahlberg’s Leg Day Workout Proves He Still Remains Fit Over 50

Hollywood heart-throb Mark Wahlberg is currently in Sydney Australia to make the Amazon Prime Video thriller, Play Dirty, but when it comes to his workouts, the 52-year-old understands that you can’t cheat father time, so he gives one hundred percent to his training sessions, as a recent Instagram video demonstrates.

Wahlberg’s last movie release, Arthur the King, a story about a man and his dog may have struggled in the face of competition from some heavy hitting franchises like Kung Fu Panda 4 and Dune: Part Two, but if a recent social media post is anything to go by, the star is coming back strong for Play Dirty, and it looks like he’s in insane shape thanks in part to rising early for leg day. “Come on man, you ain’t got no food in your system to throw up,” Wahlberg tells his unidentified gym partner (or is that victim) as they embark on a 4am leg session. Of course, the star is referring to undertaking a workout in a fasted state, with the theory being that there will be less glycogen in their systems — meaning that the body will more readily burn body fat. “Let’s go. Monday leg day, let’s go!” shouts the Hollywood bigshot as the workout begins.

Mark Wahlberg’s Leg Day Workout

Barbell Back Squat (Wide Grip, Heels Raised)

The actor appears to begin his workout with a back squat, holding the barbell with a wide grip. Wider grips are suitable for those who have shoulder mobility issues or have broad shoulders. This position also helps to engage the muscles in the upper back such as the rhomboids, traps, and rear deltoids. Additionally, the lift will require the recruitment of the calves, quads, and glutes to raise the bar. By elevating his heels, Wahlberg will be able to achieve a deeper squat while putting greater focus on the quads.

Single Leg Dumbbell Step-up

Step-ups are excellent for building lower body strength while engaging the core, meaning that they are also brilliant for helping to maintain the bodies’ natural functionality. Single leg exercises can assist with joint health and mobility by promoting a higher range of motion and working on your balance.

Goblet Squats

Goblet squats work the hamstrings, quads, glutes, calves, and core. They are also ideal for encouraging better posture by promoting an upright torso when performed correctly. Those who spend time in an office or in a sedentary position will get a lot out of this move.

Leg Press

The leg press is a safe way to attempt heavy lifts thanks to the safety of the machine and will build your lower body strength in the process. If you want to build some mass and power in your lower body, the leg press is an awesome way to achieve hypertrophy.

Cable Assisted Leg Stretches

Demonstrating his flexibility, Wahlberg uses the rings cable attachments and uses them to hold up some of his bodyweight while he stretches his legs, calves, and feet. It’s obvious that mobility is key for the actor, since long shoots and exciting stunts require him to be at his best on set.

Leg Extensions

Wahlberg further builds his quads with leg extensions and this is also a great exercise for strengthening the knee. As the lactic acid builds in the quads, training the body to achieve more reps will improve muscle endurance and stamina, allowing an individual to perform future tasks with less fatigue.

Bench Assisted Plate Raise with Squat

One of the best things about being a seasoned gym goer like Wahlberg is that it allows him to experiment with advanced moves such as this bench assisted plate raise into a squat. Here, the actor is adding further tension to his upper body, lower body, and core, putting those areas under further load for the promotion of muscle mass and strength and building on his flexibility at the same time.

Hack Squat Machine

“Hold that squeeze at the top,” Wahlberg advises his spent gym partner. Hack squats are a compound body movement that hit the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. They are also a safe option for those that struggle with regular back squats, since the machine typically spreads the weight more evenly over the shoulders than a barbell will. Hack squats will build strength, balance, and mobility.

And that concludes a serious lower body workout. While the movie star doesn’t detail the sets or reps in this session, it is obvious from the effort he puts in that this is about quality, heavy reps rather than volume. It is also reassuring to see that the screen icon is putting as much time into his mobility and flexibility as he is growing those muscles, meaning that he’ll be mixing it up in the movies for some time to come.

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