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Like a “Magic Wand” of Relief…

Hidden in a Royal Vault since 1837… Breakthrough MIT Technology
Just Made It 1466% Stronger

Hi, my name is

I’ve been in medical equipment sales for 40 years.

Every day I’m in hospitals talking to surgeons, charge nurses, and

I know the medical industry inside and out.

And although I grew up with nothing, I’ve carved out a
good life for me and my family here in California.

My dad was as tough as John Wayne and Clint

And I’d been taught to carry my own weight and pull myself up by my bootstraps.

And let’s just say I had a hard time admitting
I couldn’t solve a problem.

Maybe you can relate to how I grew up.

But when Katie-Bug, our first granddaughter arrived…

Well, it turned my world upside down.

Now, I knew being a Grandpa was going to be great.

But I wasn’t prepared for how hard I’d fall for that little girl.

Since my job required travel all over the United States, I’d
able to pursue
my hobbies while traveling.

If I had to be in Arizona for a convention, I’d squeeze
in a
round of golf.

Or, if business took me to Vancouver B.C., I’d hire a
and go salmon fishing.

I’ve hunted elk in the Colorado Rockies, mule deer in
Wyoming, and ducks in the frozen corn fields of Nebraska.

When I was in my 50’s,
I started to
My joints start to get stiff and achy.

It was slight at first, but got worse in the cold.

But every year, my pain just increased. It became more and more painful to get up

Gripping my golf clubs with stiffened fingers was frustrating.

The day my club flew out of my hands and almost hit someone, I knew it was time to
it up.

But once Katie was born, I wanted nothing more than to travel
less for work and spend more time with her.

Retirement was going to be the “Rex & Katie show.”

I had pictured riding bikes together in our neighborhood.

Playing catch with her in the backyard.

Going on hikes, even climbing on the jungle gym – they were all on my agenda.

But all those dreams went up in smoke
of my
damned pain.

I felt like someone had ripped my heart out of my chest.

Giving up golf or hunting, though disappointing, was nothing compared to giving up
dream of truly BEING THERE for Katie.

It made my dreams of retirement feel so anticlimactic.

I’d give up every round of golf and hunting trip I’d ever been on if it meant more
magical play dates
with Katie.

Even as educated I was in the medical industry, and even with as many doctor friends
as I
had all over the country…

Nothing worked to stop my pain and give me my life back.

And Yes, I tried every prescription under the sun, every OTC, and every supplement at

Can you relate to how how frustrating and deflating it is to try everything and still
find relief?

I felt betrayed by the “best medical system” in the world…

Imprisoned in my own body.

Isn’t it terrible to be misunderstood by the ones you love?

… for them to feel like you’re letting them down?

So if you or someone you love has
walked a
similar path, I get it.

To feel like you’re living in the prison of your own body…

When pain kills off your hobbies one by one, slowly choking
your identity in the process.

Leaving you to feel helpless and alone.

Outside, my body was failing me.

But it was even worse on the inside.

I became depressed, isolated,
and an even
grumpier “grumpy
old man”.

So, if pain has made you less of who you truly are or want to be, I can totally

Ironically, it was my grumpiness that ended up setting me on a path of discovering
the one thing that changed everything for me.

You’ll be as shocked as I was when you see what it is in just a few moments.

See, my best friend Chuck noticed I was in a dark place.

So he invited me to go on a fishing trip with him to The Little Red River in

He thought it would cheer me up.

On the trip I met a doctor from Tennessee who was also
big trout.

On our last day on the river, Dr. Tracy said, “Do you mind if I ask you a

“I notice you’re struggling with what looks like pretty bad joint pain.
long has this been going on?” he asked.

He paused, then asked if I’d ever tried CBD.

My eyes flashed and I replied,

“Listen, I’m no pothead. I don’t go for that. I only
the meds my doctor prescribes.

Some of my best friends had kids whose lives were ruined by pot
I for one want to stay the heck away from it.

Besides, I have a ton of friends who tried CBD, and it
did nothing.

There’s no reason for me to even try it.”

“Do you mind if I tell you a quick story?”
he asked.

I almost said no, but something inside said I shouldn’t be such a
and that I should just listen.

I was at the end of my rope anyway.

Dr. Tracy then went on to tell me how he was a competitive gymnast in college.

And how he went on to be recruited by the “Bud Light
Daredevils” team.

They specialized in halftime entertainment at basketball games.

He told me how his body took a beating.

He couldn’t count how many times things didn’t go as

When he was young, he bounced back quickly.

But then, as he got older, his pain started to impact his work as

“Like you, I tried everything, but nothing
made things ‘better’ – they just made things a little less bad. Which is no way to

I was afraid of going on Opioids so eventually I
CBD. “

He had mixed results.
Sometimes it
Sometimes it didn’t.

“I still felt old before my time. And I was worried I wouldn’t be able
operate any more and eventually lose my practice.”

So I asked him why he thought CBD didn’t always work.

Dr. Tracy got a little technical, so I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible.

He explained how recent discoveries have called into question the standard
of the root cause of pain.

And it’s not what most people think – including the vast majority of doctors.

He told me that most joint and tissue pain
caused by something called
“Nerve Network Dysfunction.” 2

That’s when the nerve fibers that carry pain signals don’t function

It’s now thought by experts to be the real underlying cause of joint and soft
tissue pain.

Unfortunately, this is ignored by mainstream media…

I can’t say for sure… but I wondered if it’s because of big
pharma’s influence.

I told Dr. Tracy I always thought my pain was due to inflammation.

He explained that inflammation contributes to pain, but it’s
only part of the story when it comes to Nerve Network Dysfunction.

He told me that this dysfunction is actually made
worse by
modern-day painkillers and

Because they “mask” pain and inflammation within the nerve network, but
don’t help the body’s nerve network “modulate” pain.

To “modulate” simply means you help your body solve its own problems.

OTC & Rx remedies simply “mask” rather

That’s when I realized WHY nothing I’d ever tried actually worked.

The Root Problem wasn’t being addressed… until now.

Everything I’d ever tried either just covered up my pain, but never really
the pain caused by Nerve Network Dysfunction.

And it’s why my pain kept getting worse… and worse… and
year after year.

Dr. Tracy went on to tell me how scientists only
discovered a network inside the body called the Endo-Cannabanoid

Or the EC
System for short.3

The EC System is made up of an entire network of CBD receptors
that communicate directly with our Nerve Network.

In fact, there are CBD receptors on every single cell in our bodies… 4

There are CBD receptors on every single nerve ending.5

That’s when a light bulb went on.

I was experiencing pain due to Nerve Network Dysfunction –
simply because there wasn’t enough CBD reaching the receptors on my nerves.

I realized God had literally BUILT a system to help with

But because of my pride and arrogance, I had avoided CBD all together.

I thought CBD was the same as marijuana, but realized it
actually found in many other plants, like carrots and oranges, but just in way smaller
amounts than compared to the hemp plant.

CBD doesn’t “mask” pain due to Nerve Network
Dysfunction like destructive Opioids do…

CBD actually helps your body “modulate”
due to Nerve Network Dysfunction. 6

But hearing all that immediately made me question Dr. Tracy’s inconsistent
with CBD.

He told me he had to go through months and months of research and trial and

As well as dig into the more
than 2000
studies on CBD…

He told me there are actually 3 main reasons why the vast majority of CBD remedies
don’t work well at all.

The first reason is pretty obvious.

Since President Trump got the “Farm Bill” passed, legalizing
industrial hemp…

The U.S. has been flooded with low-grade, impure CBD – mostly from China.

Dr. Tracy told me that most of what he tried early on he found out later wasn’t
sourced from reputable US-based farmers.

And that the majority of commercially available CBD contains impure CBD from
sources like China.

The second reason is all about potency.

Some companies only put a small percentage of actual CBD in their product, then cram
with fillers and other ingredients that don’t do a damn thing.

Plus, there’s a HUGE difference between what’s called “CBD

And “broad-spectrum CBD.”

Broad-spectrum CBD contains all the beneficial compounds found naturally in hemp

It includes CBD, CBN, CBG, and a host of all-natural, beneficial compounds.

Some experts refer to it as the “full-house” effect.

CBD “isolate” is like just one room in the house.

Which means it’s simply not as potent as broad-spectrum CBD.

Dr.Tracy then told me that the biggest reason why the vast majority of CBD formulas
don’t work… is because of delivery.

And these two challenges:

The first is the PATH the CBD takes.

He said that most of the CBD products you can buy are products you swallow
gummies, oil, or capsules.

The path they take is through your digestive system and liver.

Taking the “long way” significantly limits bioavailability.

So, for most forms of CBD you’re likely only getting 10% of an actual
“therapeutic dose.”

It’s easy to see why so many people who try CBD say it didn’t do
for them.

Dr. Tracy said the answer is NOT to just increase the dose
because that can actually lead to liver damage.

I’ll tell you about the brilliant “short cut” our bodies
in just a minute.

The second issue with delivery has to do
with the SIZE of the CBD particles.

See, the actual size of CBD particles makes it very difficult to absorb into
bloodstream so it can get to where it’s needed.

When you swallow CBD pills, gummies, or oil, the CBD molecules are simply too
to be absorbed by the tiny capillaries in your mouth.

So they end up in your stomach, get broken down, and get shipped off to your

Meaning only a small fraction of CBD’s benefits reach
nerve network.

Dr. Tracy picked up a fishing net and a cantaloupe-sized rock from the river bank.

“For comparison, it’s like this rock is the size of the CBD molecule. To
reach your damaged nerve network, it needs to make it through this net.

As you can see, It’s just not going to happen.”

I asked him how in the world you can get these CBD molecules into your bloodstream
they can reach your nerve network…

And help you feel better.

That’s when he told me about how the
technology geniuses at MIT pioneered a new way
to break
particles into SIGNIFICANTLY smaller sizes…


The science on how they do this is pretty high level, but the results are easy to

He told me that he found a small lab that was experimenting with nanotechnology to
“shrink” CBD particles…

CBD Oil Particle
4440 nanometers

100 nanometers (AVG)

So they could be easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

Through some trial and error, they figured out a way to do it.

They discovered that by using ultrasonic soundwaves, they could break CBD molecules
“nano” sized particles.

Nanoparticle Size Comparison

If a Red Blood Cell was the size of a Football Field

A Nanoparticle would equal the size of a Football

Then they put the CBD into MCT oil to form a “Nano Mixture” that helps
CBD molecules
STAY Nano-Small.

Making its way to your bloodstream…
and nerve endings… almost instantaneously.

It’s like taking that same cantaloupe-size rock that could never go through the
fishing net…

And pulverising it into tiny grains of sand.

Then if you threw a handful of that sand through a fishing net…

They’d be small enough to make it through to the other side.

Where it immediately gets help to the dysfunction nerve network…

To finally bring you relief you haven’t felt in years.

I was blown away by everything Dr. Tracy told me on that river bank.

When our fishing trip was over, Dr. Tracy sent me home with 3 small bottles.

He told me to take one dropper full each morning for the next week.

All I had to do was put it under my tongue and just let it sit there for
about 30 seconds.

The nano CBD would get quickly absorbed through the
capillaries in my mouth…

Enter my bloodstream, and get distributed to help my nerve network dysfunction.

When I got home, I tried it just like
Tracy said.

Within a half hour, I felt
alert and energized.

And that was BEFORE my morning coffee.

I felt ready to take on the world!

I soon noticed that my hands, hips and knees felt like they’d gotten a shot
of WD-40.

I’d almost forgotten about how much pain I used to be in.

Later, when I got out of my car after sitting for hours in traffic, I didn’t
like a creaky old man like I usually did.

In fact, I felt YOUNG again.

My wife even asked me, “What’s gotten

The next day I called Chuck and Paul, my two hunting and fishing buddies, and
them they had to come over.

I gave them each a bottle with the same directions Dr. Tracy gave me.

They both called me the next day and couldn’t stop talking about how good

Like they were 20 years younger.

The aches, pains, and creaking joints
thought they had to live with…

We talked about how our wives were even noticing a difference.

There was a new pep in our step.

We had more energy at the end of the day.

Even our thinking was clearer.

It felt like we’d gotten in a time machine.

They both wanted to know how they could get more of this stuff.

But the biggest joy was my Katie-Bug.

I could pick her up and give her the biggest bear hug.

I could even lift her over my head.

Her laughs and giggles made my heart soar.

She no longer felt like I didn’t love her
because I wasn’t playing with her.

And I no longer felt like I was the helpless “half a man” like I did on

I’m so glad I swallowed my John Wayne-sized pride.

Once I opened my mind to the fact that hemp was a completely different plant than

And that our nervous system is designed with CBD receptors just begging for

I could see that this broad-spectrum nano CBD was indeed a gift from God.

During that week I did a bunch of research and discovered that Dr. Tracy only told me
small fraction of the scientific research behind CBD’s pain-fighting powers.

Proven & Powerful
Joint Pain Relief

In a study published in the European Journal of Internal
Medicine, 2,736 elderly patients were given CBD for occasional joint aches.

After six months, 93% of patients reported relief. 8

That’s a 93% success rate!

Now, one of the most exciting studies came out of the
of New Mexico just last year.

It involved 2987 people suffering from 11 different pain-related symptoms and 47 side

Over 5 months they surveyed participants on their pain levels before and after taking

On average, participants enjoyed a 42-61% reduction in their pain levels after taking CBD. 9

But my research didn’t stop there.

“Nano” Is Proven a 1466% Stronger

One clinical study demonstrated that taking CBD with MIT’s nano technology can
actually improve CBD absorption by a whopping 1466%!

Here’s how the study worked.

First, scientists measured how much CBD actually made it into the bloodstream when
the traditional methods like capsules, gummies, or regular oil.

They demonstrated that the average absorption of oral CBD is approximately

Which, when you think about it, is pretty low.

Then, they tested the bioavailability of CBD using nano technology.

They found that the average absorption after one
was measured at 83%!

And the maximum absorption rate was 94%.

Like I said, that’s an improvement of 1466%!

The participants’ level of absorption, maintained almost the exact same

Even More Studies Prove Even More Benefits

I was so completely blown away by how study after study affirmed the effectiveness of
nanotechnology CBD.

But relieving pain isn’t the only benefit of CBD, especially when it’s

Multiple scientific studies confirmed:

CBD can help support healthy brain function…

By promoting healthy activity in neural cells. (Salk Institute 12)

CBD can also help support healthier blood pressure.

Especially those under physical and mental stress. (Oxford University 13)

Then I discovered that CBD is perhaps the most powerful
remedy and mood stabilizer. (University of Colorado 14)

In fact, CBD appears to be better tolerated than
prescribed medications. 15

Plus, CBD helps support healthy blood sugar levels. 16)

By improving insulin levels, and insulin metabolism. It can even
result in
a smaller waist circumference, and better HDL levels. (Boston University17)

Making it easier to sleep longer and deeper, and wake more refreshed.
(University of New Mexico).

And CBD helps support a healthy heart.

Even the National Institutes of Health report it has“tremendous
potential”! 18

In truth, CBD helps benefit at least 65 different bodily systems – that we know

And research is just getting started.

Once I learned all this, I put Dr. Tracy on speed dial.

I told him we had to do something to get Nano CBD into as many hands as possible.

Dr. Tracy was quiet for a while.

“Rex,” he said, “I think you’re right, but I
don’t have the time. I get my CBD from a local source. But they’re not set up for national

And I’m sorry to say it, but I just don’t have the time to
devote to a new business venture.

I have my hands full with my practice.”

I was so disappointed that Dr. Tracy said “no.”

In fact, I was downright depressed.

But then my wife came to my rescue.

She said, “Rex, when have you ever let a
“NO” be the final answer?”

And I knew just what to do.

I utilized my nation-wide network in the medical profession to identify a way to get
CBD produced and distributed nationally.

It took months and months of calls and emails, but I finally found a family-run
out of Boise, Idaho that had everything I was looking for.

They’re called Legacy Labs.

They had identified a US-based source of the purest hemp in the country.

They also found a way to utilize MIT’s nanotechnology to ensure
delivery was between 83-94%… the highest bioavailability known.

Plus, and this was really important to me, they utilized 3rd party

Which means that they’d invested hundreds of thousands of
dollars to
insure that what’s on the label… is what’s in the bottle.

They also had engineered a breakthrough in delivery that got me even

I’ll tell you all about it in just a minute.

Then I created a business plan and went right back to Dr. Tracy.

I told him about my months of research and about Legacy Labs and their
commitment to the purest, most potent CBD product available anywhere.

I told him all about their patented process called “NanoZorb” ™.

And how it is easily the most
bioavailable CBD out there.

Then I told him, “I just need you to oversee the
science and make sure our formula continues to meet your top shelf standards. After all,
the expert. I’m just a Grandpa.”

Dr. Tracy told me he’d be delighted to serve as my science officer and oversee
formulation process.

Not long after… I ended up retiring from my sales job so I could make this
presentation you’re watching right now…

Helping me to get the word out about this pain-relieving, highly bioavailable,
life-changing, nano CBD…

And, of course, spend as much time as possible with Katie.

That’s why I’m incredibly proud to
introduce to you

Nano-Ease is the result of YEARS of trial and error by Dr.

Combined with patented NanoZorb™ technology….

To bring you the most potent and pure delivery system on the planet.

Each batch is clinically tested by 3rd party labs to guarantee that what’s on
label is exactly what’s in the bottle.

That way you KNOW and can TRUST it’s the most
bioavailable, absorbable, and effective CBD – ANYWHERE.

Every batch of Nano-Ease is formulated in a GMP-certified lab
under the strictest conditions to make sure nothing gets in that isn’t supposed to be there.

Each bottle contains 1000 milligrams of our proprietary Nano CBD,
formulated from
Broad-Spectrum CBD.

Like I said, I’m so proud of this, that I quit my job to bring you this

Start Feeling
Better NOW

Then Nano-Ease is the answer to your prayers.

What have you got to lose – except your daily struggle with pain?

This is the only CBD product in the world with Legacy
Labs’s proprietary blending process and NanoZorb™ Technology.

It’s the most potent CBD available with the fastest absorption possible.

So, right now, if you’re wondering how to get your hands on Nano-Ease,
not alone.

You might also wonder how much to take and when to feel the miracle of pain relief.

I’m sure it’s obvious, but I’m on a mission to get this into as
hands as possible.

But as you can probably guess, the pandemic has thrown some monkey wrenches our way.

Shipping and receiving issues seem to pop up left and right.

Which is why Legacy Labs is working tirelessly
to make sure we don’t run out.

As more and more people experience what I have, demand is spreading like wildfire.

The NanoZorb™ production method isn’t easy, and it certainly isn’t
cheap either.

And to secure the purest broad-spectrum CBD in the country.

Remember, this is manufactured in a GMP-certified facility under strict and
sterile conditions.

There’s 3rd party testing BEFORE the CBD even reaches the

And again after it leaves the lab to guarantee purity and potency.

That way what you put in your body is:

Free of any
kind of Pathogens

It’s what I insist on for me and my family.

I don’t want any surprises to get in the way of my time with Katie.

Plus, you can rest assured that our Nano-Ease is GMO-Free, Soy-Free,
and Vegan-Friendly.

Maintaining this standard of purity is so much more demanding than store-bought

Which is why we always run the risk of running out of stock…

Because many of our customers understand this risk,
order several months’ supply at a time.

Which, frankly, is just a smart

But it also puts even more strain on our production.

You might be surprised that I read each and every story our customers send our way.

And I can’t help but smile so big with what I get to read every day.

We’re truly changing people’s lives.

Some have even said that we’ve “saved their lives.”

“When I thought all was lost I found this Nano-Ease. I cant stop telling
everyone about it and how it changed my life”

“I bought CBD and I was skeptical as I thought it would get me high. Not
does this help me get throught the day, I sleep amazing”

“I blew out me knee thinking I could play basketball again with my
grandchildren. I hate, I mean hate all the pharma pain killers as they do more harm then good. I
introduced to nano cbd and now Life just got better”

All this means is we have our work cut out for us to maintain our inventory.

The reason I quit my job is because Dr. Tracy and I don’t ever want to see
person have to live through what we did, before we discovered Nano-Ease.

Look, I’ve been successful enough that I’m NOT in this
the money.

Dr. Tracy and I are simply in this to cover our production costs.

Plus it’s pretty expensive to get the word out that you don’t have to
live a
life where pain, lack of energy, and limitations define you.

In fact, once you try Nano-Ease,
you’ll want to spread the news as well.

We’ve created an absurd discount for everyone who wants to try Nano-Ease today.

I’ll tell you more about that introductory offer in just a minute.

But first onto that other question:

“How much should

That’s the beauty of our state-of-the-art Delivery

It takes the guesswork out of it.

One bottle contains a 1-month supply.

So, each morning, simply pump 5 squirts under your tongue and let it sit
for about 30 seconds.

That’s the best starting place for most people. But you can adjust your
dose based on your individual needs.

Since it bypasses the digestive system altogether, you can do this on an
stomach or with food.

It goes straight into your
bloodstream through the capillaries in your mouth.

Make sure you’re consistent for 30 full days, though.

Most people experience results within 15-20 minutes.

But like you’d expect, the benefits compound with daily use.

Especially during the first couple weeks.

Your body has to do a lot of work to
a lifetime of damage.

After the first couple weeks, Nano-Ease will become
“maintenance”, helping you feel amazing 24/7/365.

Which is why I always suggest that people start with at least a 3-month supply.

And to go with a 6-month supply if we’re fully stocked.

With the inventory challenges we’ve had from the pandemic, 6-bottle packs
aren’t always available.

So if they are showing as “available”
on your screen,
I strongly encourage you to get it while you

The only place you can get Nano-Ease with NanoZorb™, is right
here on this website… nowhere else.

We’ve been contacted by several retail outlets who want to stock this

When that all comes together, the price will have to go up.

Obviously the stores need to make money. They have employees to pay and
to keep on.

I understand how business works.

But it also means the price will have to go up on this website as well.

For our top-notch, broad-spectrum CBD, plus NanoZorb™…

And that would STILL be way less expensive than going the
traditional CBD route.

With NanoZorb™, you can use less because it’s so

By working with a family business like Legacy Labs, we’re able to keep our
costs as
low as possible.

Which means we’re able to offer this amazing solution for LESS than the cost of a single bottle of those other
store-brand products.

Right now, we’re offering an introductory price on Nano-Ease.

But we came up with a much better way to go.

I never want anyone to finally start experiencing sweet
relief… to only then run out.

Once you start feeling younger, start adding hobbies and activities back into your
and start feeling the natural energy and focus you thought was in the rearview mirror…

I’d hate for you to come back to order more…

And see that we’re out of stock.

So we’ve arranged a special introductory offer on our 6-month package while
supplies last.

So many of our customers have chosen to stock up and have said it’s the
move they could have made.

So, we’ve decided to create an even bigger
discount on the 6-bottle package.

It truly is a

So, as long as the 6-month supply is still available, you can stock up and save even

That’s not a mistake due to losing my readers!

The only way to get that discount is right here on this website.

Plus, as a new customer, we’re covering your
shipping and handling.

So if the 6-Bottle Option is available on your screen, go ahead and get that

Or choose the package that’s right for you.

And Secure Your Order Today While There Are Supplies In

*Special Discount Pricing
Available Only While Supplies Last

“When I thought all was lost I found this Nano-Ease. I cant stop telling
everyone about it and how it changed my life”

“I bought CBD and I was skeptical as I thought it would get me high. Not
does this help me get throught the day, I sleep amazing”

“I blew out me knee thinking I could play basketball again with my
grandchildren. I hate, I mean hate all the pharma pain killers as they do more harm then good. I
introduced to nano cbd and now Life just got better”

Your package of Nano-Ease will be on its way to your door via
USPS Priority Shipping.

All orders placed before 3pm Eastern Standard Time ship same day.

That way they get to you as soon as possible.

You deserve true, lasting pain relief heading your way as fast as humanly possible.

Look, I’m confident you’ll look back on today the same way I look back on
meeting Dr. Tracy on that Arkansas river.

Remembering how EVERYTHING changed…

The day you discovered that living a life of pain was optional.

The day you started to get your life back, your family back.

Hell, even getting your dignity back.

You’re going to remember what it feels like
to start feeling young again.

You’re going to remember feeling strong and energized like you did 10, 20, or
30 years ago.

6 months of Nano-Ease will have you feeling better than you’ve
felt in decades.

So go ahead and choose the bundle that’s best for you right now.

And start experiencing the natural pain relief, energy, and focus you’ll get
from Nano-Ease

*Special Discount Pricing
Available Only While Supplies Last

I’m so confident you’re going to love the way you feel
we’ve decided that EVERY order comes with an unconditional 6-Month “Katie-Bug”

Whether you order 1, 3, or 6 bottles, your order is guaranteed for 6 months.

Just place any order today… and say “maybe” to Nano-Ease.

You’ll receive your full supply in a matter of days.

Then, you’ll have 180 days to try it out
and make sure it’s right for you.

If it’s not, no harm, no foul.

What does my Katie-Bug have to do with it?

Well, this formula added something amazing back into my life. The love from

I guarantee that this formulation will add something amazing back into your
as well.

Maybe it’s playing with the grandkids. Maybe it’s a hobby like
hunting, tennis, gardening or golf.

This is so powerfully effective that if you haven’t added something
back into your life – like my Katie Bug…

Then just contact our customer service center, and we’ll refund every

Look, I can’t make your decision any simpler or easier than

I have such total confidence in Nano-Ease that I’m putting my money
my mouth is for 6 full months.

That’s what you call a Zero-Risk Guarantee…

Cause I’m taking all the risk off you and placing it on me.

Since I’ve removed all the risk, this should be one of the easiest decisions
you’ll ever make.

Get your order in right now while our inventory is up.

You’ll be glad you did once you’ve experienced what it’s like to
that pain goodbye.

So choose from one of the available packages below and choose to start feeling

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All you have to do now is make a simple decision…

For a moment, I want you to put everything on “hold.”

Everything I’ve shared with you in this presentation.

…forget about all the Nano-Ease customers who are
living a
freer, healthier, more fulfilled life today because they saw what you just saw and chose to take

… forget about what it’ll feel like to “age in
reverse” for once, experiencing energy and vitality you thought was in your rearview

… and forget about what life will be like to start getting active
your favorite hobbies again.

And I want you to imagine what you would give to be fully physically present with the
ones you love – and who love you.

Imagine NOT being limited by your

Imagine being able to do what your kids or grandkids WANT you to do with them…
whatever it is.

Imagine not having to say “no.”

What would you give for that?

For me, because of Katie, I’d give almost everything I own for her to know that
Grandpa loves her with his last breath.

If that’s not where you’re at right now, then I wish you well.

And I appreciate you taking the time to go through this presentation.

It’s 100% your choice to continue on, knowing that if you do nothing, nothing
ever change.

But if you want to experience what I did…

If you want to say goodbye to all
drugstore pain pills….

… and the painful morning trip to the

… and the constant feeling of being tired

… not to mention those restless, sleepless

Choose your package and place your order now. It’s a risk-free proposition.

You’ve heard Dr. Tracy’s story, you’ve heard my story, as well as
stories of dozens of other users about what the Nano-Ease has done for them…

You’ve seen the science behind why Nano-Ease could be the answer you’ve
looking for…

I encourage you to choose your package below, and join us in feeling better and
today, and every day.

*Special Discount Pricing
Available Only While Supplies Last

Frequently Asked Questions

People who read this far usually have a few questions.

So let me answer a few of the most popular ones.

Will Legacy Labs Nano-Ease make me high?

First, though hemp and marijuana are related, they’re
different plants.

Second, Legacy Labs utilizes a proprietary process to make sure all
the compound that’s “psycho-active” is completely removed.

There is zero high. Only sweet pain relief. That, and you’ll
probably notice your energy levels improve as well.

It works because it’s able to help modulate your body’s
pain response.

Opioids, OTC’s, and other pain pills only “mask”
pain. They can’t help your body modulate its own pain response.

And since there’s CBD receptors on every nerve ending, your
Network Dysfunction gets solved by making sure the CBD reaches those nerves.

Once Nano-Ease reaches your nerve endings, it’s able to help
a frazzled and inflamed nerve network.

How is Nano-Ease Different from other CBD Products?

First, its purity is unrivaled. Dr. Tracy has insisted on
Testing” to make sure each and every bottle is as pure and potent as possible.

Then, because of our patented NanoZorb ™ it makes it 1466% more
absorbable than other CBD products.

It’s more effective, lasts longe because NanoZorb ™ helps
reach your nerve network fast.

What happens when I click the “Add to Cart” button?

Once you choose the bottle option that’s best for you,
be directed to our 100% safe and secure checkout page.

We use military-grade encryption to ensure your personal information
stays safe.

On the checkout page, you’ll fill in your shipping and payment
information, that way we know where to send your order.

Once your order is completed, the guys in the warehouse will get your
order together.

We’ve streamlined this process so you get your order within 5
business days. That means your struggle with pain can become a distant memory as soon as

How does the guarantee work?

Nano-Ease comes with an unprecedented 180 day 100% Money Back

That means that once you’ve received your order, you have a
full 6
months to make sure it’s right for you.

But, if for some reason you’re not thrilled, it’s as
as calling or emailing my customer support team.

We’ll get you refunded ASAP with no questions and zero hassle.

How long will Nano-Ease be available?

I’m hoping Nano-Ease will continue to be the pain relief
breakthrough for millions of Americans for years to come.

And… with the army of litigators at the their disposal,
uncertain if I’ll be able to fight them off forever.

That’s why it’s important for you to get Nano-Ease today.

Since you’re protected with our 180 Day, 100% Money Back

You have nothing to lose.

I’m ready to try Nano-Ease. What’s Next?

All you have to do is choose the package that’s right for you
clicking one the buttons below.

Remember, the more consistently you use Nano-Ease, the better it
for you.

And… since out-of-stocks are always a possibility… I
recommend getting the 6 bottle option.

That way, you know you – and your family – are covered.

And, since you have a full 6 months to make sure it’s right for
you… there’s zero risk to you in getting the multiple bottle option.

Then, once you’ve completed your oder on the secure checkout
you’ll receive your order within 5 business days.

So, go ahead and place your order now.

*Special Discount Pricing
Available Only While Supplies Last

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Nampa, ID 83651, USA.
Formulated in the USA.For product returns, please see our refund policy

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