Googler Zahra Barnes Tried Fitbit Premium’s Sleep Profile for Two Months

Googler Zahra Barnes, an editorial content manager and contributor to the Google Keyword blog, was immediately intrigued by Fitbit Premium’s Sleep Profile feature when it launched in June—and the thought of understanding more about her sleep quality, not just quantity. That’s why, after being set up with a device by Fitbit, she decided to test out our Sleep Profile for the next two months. 

Sleep Profile is determined by analyzing 10 key metrics identified by the Fitbit research team to be most important to your sleep health, including sleep schedule variability, sleep start time, sleep duration, time in deep and REM sleep, and more. Plus, Sleep Profile will reveal which animal represents a user’s most recent sleep habits. The options are Bear, Dolphin, Hedgehog, Parrot, Tortoise, and Giraffe. 

Read on for Zahra’s takeaways: 

  • Setting up her Sleep Profile was simple. Once her device and the Fitbit app were set up, all she had to do was wear it. 
  • She thought her Inspire 3’s 10-day battery life was the stuff of dreams. “I’m frankly still not over this!” Zahra shared.
  • She found looking through her sleep data fascinating, especially her Sleep Score, and was able to improve her sleep as a result. 
  • Smart Wake made her mornings less groggy by waking her with gentle vibrations at the lightest point in the sleep cycle.
  • Fitbit’s breathing exercise and guided meditations helped her wind down before bed. On nights when she couldn’t drift off, she found that Fitbit helped.  
  • Getting her sleep animal, the Giraffe, was as rewarding as she’d hoped. She discovered that like her other fellow Giraffes (the most common Sleep Animal), she went to bed later, got less sleep than women her age, and did not have much time spent awake while sleeping. 
  • Fitbit’s workout encouragement helped her tire herself out. “If I’d known my Fitbit would basically be a life coach and cheerleader right on my wrist, I’d have tried one out a lot sooner!” Zahra wrote. 

Interested in trying it yourself? If you’re a Premium member, all you have to do is wear your Fitbit device to bed for at least 14 nights of the previous month, and on the first day of the month, you’ll get your monthly Sleep Profile. Available on Google Pixel Watch, Sense 2, Sense, Versa 4, Versa 3, Versa 2, Charge 5, Luxe, Inspire 2, or Inspire 3. 

Want to find out more about Zahra’s experience? You can read the full story on the Google Keyword.

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