9 Best Yoga Bags for Every Type of Practice in 2024

For an activity as physically and mentally restorative as yoga, it can raise some stressful questions—namely, how are you supposed to lug all your gear (not only your mat but potentially a towel, water bottle, and change of clothes) to the studio? Before you shove everything into an old tote bag and hope for the best, consider investing in a dedicated yoga mat bag. There are tons on the market that are protective, spacious, cute, and make hauling your stuff less of a strain on your body. Check out our favorites here, and save the energy you would have spent Tetris-ing all your things in a regular bag on cleaning your mat regularly.

Our top picks

  1. Best Overall: Manduka Go Steady 3.0 Mat Carrier
  2. Best Budget: Yogiii Yoga Mat Bag
  3. Best Strap: Lululemon Adjustable Yoga Mat Strap
  4. Best Backpack: Aurorae Yoga Mat Crossbody Travel Sling Backpack
  5. Best for Hot Yoga: Hugger Mugger Uinta Yoga Mat Bag
  6. Best for Large Mats: Kuak Large Yoga Bag

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What should you look for in a yoga mat bag?

Like any good gym bag, a high-quality yoga mat holder should be easy to carry over your shoulder or wear across your body without digging in or causing chaffing. It should also be roomy enough to hold all of your belongings (bonus points if it has pockets or internal compartments to organize everything). And if you regularly attend hot yoga classes, you should look for one that’s made with water-resistant materials, so you can keep your sweaty gear contained post-practice. If you’re a minimalist who prefers a humble yoga mat strap, look for one that won’t loosen at a moment’s notice. An adjustable length, buckles, and other types of fasteners will help the strap fit securely around your mat for your whole commute.

The best yoga mat bags

Below, we’ve selected some of the best yoga bags you can purchase now, whether you’re looking for one that will do double-duty as your main gym bag, or just something that can hold your mat plus your phone and keys.

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