15 Best Meal Delivery Services of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

Dietary options: Gluten-free, keto, Mediterranean, paleo, vegan, vegetarian

Meal examples: Pulled BBQ chicken with collard greens; lamb kebab with turmeric hummus and roasted sweet potatoes; seared steak with horseradish cream with oven-roasted brussels sprouts.

Cost: Plans start at $14 per meal for four meals per week.

First-time customer deals: 30% off your first order | Recipe options per week: At least 200 meals | Packing materials: Recyclable boxes, containers, liners; partly recyclable containers; returnable delivery tote bags | Availability: Nationwide (check to see if your zip code is included).

  • Pros: Crowd-pleasing options
  • Cons: Reviewers report small portions

Meet the something-for-everyone meal delivery service. Reviewers love HelloFresh’s wide assortment of plans and preference options, which covers quick and easy meals, family-friendly, veggie, and more. Each recipe is ranked by difficulty, so you can pick something that sharpens or matches your skill level (with easy options that avoid cooking entirely).

Dietary options: vegan, vegetarian

Meal examples: Coconut curry with chickpeas; apricot ponzu chicken; one-pan turkey stir-fry tacos.

Cost: Two-person plans start at $57 for two meals per week; four-person plans start at $91 for two meals per week. Shipping costs depend on where you live.

First-time customer deals: 16 free meals across your first nine orders; free shipping on your first order; free dessert item with every order | Recipe options per week: 40 meals | Packing materials: Recyclable bags, boxes, insulation, packaging; partly recyclable ice packs | Availability: Nationwide, including select zip codes in Honolulu and Anchorage.

  • Pros: Good for on-the-go meals and snacks, zero prep work
  • Cons: Reviewers report a lack of variety in meal options

Splendid Spoon’s dishes require very little effort (just a quick heat-up) to whip up a highly flavorful, enjoyable meal. The brand’s pre-made options include soups, stews, and rice and noodles—or you can choose from a variety of fruity juices and high-protein smoothies.

Dietary options: Dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian

Meal examples: Red lentil dal soup with cumin and rosemary; creamy butternut squash noodles with broccoli and turmeric; hearty vegetable bolognese with wild rice and garlicky green beans.

Cost: Smoothies start at $10 per serving; soups start at $12; noodles and other dishes start at $13. Orders of 10 meals or more ship for free.

First-time customer deals: N/A | Recipe options per week: 50 meals and drinks | Packing materials: Entirely recyclable boxes and packaging | Availability: Contiguous United States


How to choose the right meal kit delivery service for you

On the most practical level, the meal kit you choose should suit your budget and schedule. Luckily, if you need a flexible subscription, the majority of services make it easy to skip and pause deliveries. Some even allow you to change the number of meals you receive every week. Other factors to consider are your dietary preferences and any potential dietary restrictions. You can find brands that spotlight vegetarian and vegan meals, filter weekly menus based on your allergies, use certain ingredients, and offer on-the-go menu items like soups, smoothies, and frozen meals. Beyond that, it’s a matter of, well, taste. You may need to try out a couple brands before you find the one that works for you.

You can also shop with your idea of healthy eating in mind: Though what this means is super individualized, it could look like prioritizing nutrient-laden ingredients, satisfying servings, or even delicious, joyful dishes. So whether you’re incredibly busy, exploring a more plant-based diet, interested in eating local, looking to find more pleasure in home-cooked meals, or some combination thereof—you can likely find a meal kit that’ll satisfy your needs.

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