10 Vegan Meal Delivery Services That’ll Get You Out of a Food Rut in 2024

Best for Grocery Add-Ons: Vegan meals can sometimes feel like an afterthought with meal delivery services, but for SELF-Certified Hungryroot, they’re a primary focus. Hungryroot offers a variety of vegan-friendly ingredients, snacks, and add-ons that cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all the nibbles in between. Setting up your meal plan is simple: You take a quiz about your dietary needs, taste preferences, and what types of meals (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) you want, and Hungryroot builds you a profile. After that, you’ll get all the ingredients you need and simple instructions for how to put them together. SELF’s former commerce editor attested to the brand’s commitment to vegan options: “Hands down, my favorite features of the service were its fun, varied, plant-based groceries, the speedy prep time of meals, and the ability to add breakfast and snacks.” Since Hungryroot carries a bunch of grocery items—from its own branded lines to Banza pasta and Beyond Meat burgers—it’s a great way to stock up on all the supplies you need for the week too.

Meal Examples: Mediterranean falafel bagel; vegan chorizo and black bean plate; coconut curry tofu rice bowl

Cost: Plans start at $65 per week.

Availability: Nationwide, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, P.O. boxes, and military bases

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